Public Transit Summary Map of N. New Jersey

(and other points west of the Hudson)

One thing that's annoyed me since I first moved to New Jersey is that it's very hard to understand how all the buses hook up. The schedules don't exactly give you a total picture of the system.

Another problem is that the NJ Transit bus network is huge and complex, with buses criss-crossing urban areas and taking long trips on the freeway. Not to mention that buses operated by companies other than NJ Transit make up a significant part of the transit system.

In making this map, I've reduced most towns to one or two stops for clarity, and dropped the smallest ones. I've omitted any line that doesn't run seven days a week, as well as many buses that don't run frequently during the day. And if your town can't be reached from New York, it's not on this map.

And that leads us to the DISCLAIMER: This map was designed with the aid of custom software, and definitely contains errors. It should be used only as a guideline to understand transit options. Many stations and lines have been omitted or simplified. Not all buses make all stops. Always check schedules to verify exact itineraries before travel.

~ Zach van Schouwen

I swear that I have read and understood that reasonable and brief disclaimer. I promise not to sue you; show me the map.